When does the committee meet?

The Public Safety Committee normally meets at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays in room 126 of the State Capitol.

How long are the hearings?

There is no set end time for hearings.  The length of hearings depends on many factors, but not limited to, testimony, the number of bills, other hearings, etc.

Can I attend the Public Safety Hearing?

Yes.  All members of the public are eligible to attend the hearings.  Dates and times are listed in the Assembly Daily File. 

Can I register my support/opposition for proposed legislation at the hearing?

Yes.  There is usually a short period of time set aside for the general public to state their name, organization (if applicable), and their position for a bill.

How do I formally register my support/opposition for proposed legislation?

The Public Safety Committee accepts letters via mail, fax, or via electronically through the legislative portal listed on committee's website under "submit position lettter".  Oral support or opposition is not accepted.  Petitions and lists of individuals are also not accepted.  Please submit one letter per bill per individual, organization, or lobby group.  Signatures and contact information must be included.  Please be advised that we only list Support and Opposition.  

What is the deadline for submitting letters of support or opposition?

The deadline for letters is Thursday before 3:00 p.m. prior to a Tuesday hearing.  Special hearings outside of normal meeting times will change this deadline - please contact the committee for more information on these hearings.  Thank you.

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